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Hello I am Paul Clarke, proud owner and founder of Moonraker Motorcycles Ltd.

Formed on August 1st 1985 Moonraker Motorcycles has grown in the past thirty five years from humble beginnings in my Mum's garden shed to the largest Royal Enfield dealer as well as specialist commuter, Scooter / Super Scooter, Small to Medium sized Motorcycle and Moped dealership in East Anglia.

I had four years in the garden shed in my Mums back garden. Until back in November 1989 where I signed a lease and took over what was Bob Gotts Motorcycles on Drayton Road. I then nurtured Moonrakers the company over the next seven years, working all hours until expansion led to me being able to buy out and take over the large showrooms and workshops of what was then Slaughter Motorcycles of Norwich. That was on 1st January 1996 and it is still to date Moonraker Motorcycles location 125-129 Oak Street Norwich NR33BP.

Back in 1985 it was just me Paul. Now in 2020 we have myself as well as Aidan, who works in Sales and Showroom.

He is a keen biker, he has the love of Motorized two wheeler's in his every waking hour. Everything he does involves Motorcycles and Scooters in some way.


Behind the counter sorting your service and parts needs is Ash. Both Aidan and Ash are familiar faces in the local Motorcycle scene, as well as being part of the local motorcycle group On Two Wheels. They both help organise a lot of the motorcycle meets and ride outs in Norwich.


All of us working together brings a vast experience and knowledge to Moonrakers showroom & stores. The three of us Aidan Ash and Myself are at the front of shop in sales of Motorcycles / Scooters / Helmets / Jackets/ Gloves and the day to day running on the shop.


Then we have Dale and Aaron who are both situated in the Workshop and are both fully trained Royal Enfield, Fantic, Piaggio & Vespa technicians with a vast Royal Enfield, Zontes / Sym / Benelli, Fantic and Piaggio Vespa knowledge, as well as being certified to undertake MOT testing of all makes of Motorcycles.


Dale has been working with me for over twenty years and has himself been a trained Motorcycle Mechanic working in Norwich for well over thirty five years. Aaron joined the Moonraker team in 2017 and has already become a valued member of the Shop. Then we have the ever helpful emergency Van driver and gofer, Charlie. Forever working away in the back ground sorting out all the admin is my brick of a Wife and fellow Director Karen. She runs our accounts as well as working in Sales and Shop support from time to time. All my staff work full-time and are all fully trained, highly competent and reassuringly approachable.

We have over 100 new Motorcycles and Scooters in stock we also can have up to 40 used Motorcycles and Scooters For Sale online or in-store at any one time.

We sell Royal Enfield, Benelli, Zontes, Royal Alloy, Fantic and Sym Motorcycles and Scooters as well as quality clothing and safety helmets from low cost to high end with fair prices for all riders both Male and Female from the 16 year old novice to the mature commuter who has just sold the car and is now starting out on two wheels, as well as the more experienced Motorcycle riders. We also stock spare parts both genuine and pattern as well as service parts for all brands we sell as well as others we don't. 

As mentioned previously, Dale and Aaron (in the Workshop) are both Royal Enfield, Benelli, Piaggio Vespa & MP3 trained, as well as knowledgeable in all brands we sell. Two dedicated technicians who service and repair to the high standards. They are fully competent and will MOT test All Motorcycles or Scooter any brand while you wait.

We are as accommodating to the customer who desires 'just' one pair of gloves to the customer who seeks the whole package (i.e. the actual vehicle, CBT training, Road Insurance, helmet and clothing...and the finance to pay for it all!). 

We all take great pride in our work at Moonrakers and are proud to be known as a 'One Stop Shop' for both product, stock , Training and information. The levels of service are second to none and our enthusiasm shines through.

Please feel free to come in and see the high quality of our working environment I am as you can see very proud of our achievements, please call in grab coffee and come see for yourself.


Thank you for reading this. 

Paul Clarke.
Managing Director.