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SYM Scooters & Motorcycles are world renowned for their quality. With over 60 years of manufacturing vehicles; all with a proven track record in reliability. Models like JET, Symphony, Wolf & Fiddle are recognised not only for their value but more importantly their exceptional build quality and stylish design. With 2 year warranties, SYM leads the way for real value, quality, price and reliability. The perfect vehicle for commuting or pleasure

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SANYANG MOTOR CO., LTD. established in 1954, cooperating with Honda, Japan at the first place. After 60 years of development, SANYANG stepping out to overseas market. Currently, the production centers are located in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Also set up their subsidiaries in China, Italy, and Germany. Having comprehensive developing technology in two wheelers industry, SANYANG produces multiple products in SYM brand - moped, scooter, bike and cub, selling to 90 countries all over the world with high praise.

In the automobile business, SANYANG allies with Hyundai and successfully makes it a household auto brand in Taiwan. Strengthening Hyundai’s brand, selling Hyundai products through SANYANG’s marketing channels and providing Hyundai worldwide with great quality components and parts have made SANYANG an important partner to Hyundai in its global strategy

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