Todays world is full of opportunities. And obstacles too. It demands consatn switching between modes. Work and play, night and day, rough and smooth, stop and go, fast and slow. The Scram 411 is built for this state of flux.


Royal Enfield's high-altitude adventurer DNA has evolved from decades of expeditions and thousands of kilometers of rides acrross the most challenging terrains in the world. The Scram 411 is derived from this very DNA. It is a multi-purpose tool optimised for agility; an ally that's always ready for whatver life has in-store. This is no cosmetic crossover or pumped up street bike - this is a brand new subspecies.


Scram mode is about navigating the urgan game of snakes and ladders. 19" front and 17" rear wheels help this machine take on anything that is thrown its way, while a low 795mm high seat keeps the rider comfortbale on longer rides. The Scram's high-altitude proven LS410 engine makes for fewer gear changes and easy maneuvering through the urgan maze, so you can go with then flow.


Modern life demands a constant switching between modes. Wire spoken wheels and dual-purpose tires ensure a sure-footed grip and effortless agility across tarmac, rough roads and dirt tracks. Long travel suspension and high ground clearance ensures an easy ride over tricky terrain - because the Scram 411 is built to handle whatever life throws at you.


The Scram 411 was created by mixing genuine adventurer capability with Scrambler playfulness and accessibility. Details like the urgan bash plate, an offset speedo, a Scrambler seat and several high energy colourways to tell you that is no ordinary motorcycle. This is the Scram 411.


Coming spring 2022, Pre order yours today by calling 01603 623601 or emailing sales@moonraker-motorcycles.

Royal Enfield Scram 411 Silver Spirit Turquoise