The Classic Backstory

Through historical references, stories and anecdotes shared by our key collaborators, we would like to take you on a wistful trip down memory lane to live the legacy of the Timeless Classic - from its inception, captured in a monochromatic photograph of the G2 Model, to the journey it took to becoming the most loved motorcycle across the globe.

Timeless Classic

The All-New Classic 350 continues to embody the traditions and craftsmanship of the past as it is reborn on the new J platform. Inspired by the post war G2 model, first born in 2008, the Classic 350 of 2021 continues to celebrate the timeless aesthetic through the curvaceous mudguards and teardrop fuel tank, hallmark casquette headlamp, enduring lines of the crankcase covers, singular paint colours, the distinctive thump that breaks out of the exhaust - all harmonise as one, rejoicing in the masterpiece that is the timeless Royal Enfield Classic. Elegant, with a gleaming nish that adorns exceptional construction, it radiates unmatched beauty and quality that will last through time.#


Stronger than time

Central to the All-New Classic 350, is an all-new heart with beats to Royal Enfield's unique rhythm. Partnered with a new twin downtube chassis that rides strong and true, and a solid, dependable build quality, the classic is your ally wherever the destination may be. The upright riding position gives the Classic rider a commanding road presence while larger diamerer brakes beef up its stopping power. But stronger doesnt just mean capable and trough, the classic is endowed with comfort too, with its improved, wider seat cosseting its rider.


Smoother with every ride

Gliding down the open road, swooping around twisting bends, weaving through city streets or winding along the country trails, the versatile timeless Classic is equipped with wider bars and tyres for effortless and secure manoeuvability. Designed with a balance shaft for silken revs, the light clutch for gentle gearshifts, and the impeccably-mapped fuel injection on the new 350 J platform delivering the smoothest, most refined ride experience that will soothe, bewitch and thrill its rider.


Smarter up to the minute.

Timeless also means 'up with the times', and the Classic's new instrument cluster combines the gracefulness of a dancing needle analogue speedometer with the funcrtionality of an LCD display. A discreet USB port mounted below the handlebars enables essential charging on-the-go and the condence-inspiring Dual channel ABS


3 Year manufacturer warranty & Roadside assistance.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Halcyon Green