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The new MGB E4 electric scooter has arrived! Three versions are available, all designed for the European market and with Italian design. E4, the new electric scooter with an ecological and irresistibly sporty mood, is available in three different versions: E4 1200 W, E4 1200 W Double battery and E4 4,750 W Double battery The E4 range differs from its cousins ​​E3 and E3 Lux with many interesting details and is designed for those who are not satisfied with an ordinary scooter and like to stand out from the crowd. The Italian design with the 12 wheels has been conceived to satisfy the European market and guarantee the best comfort for rider and passenger. The headlights and turn signals are entirely LED, while the front position lights are LED tubes. For a recognizable characterization at first glance, two instruments are available, digital LED or TFT depending on the model. Both offer incredible style and are easy to see and use. The whole MGB E4 E3 range is equipped with a cutting edge BOSCH engine with high tech specifications and FOC (Field Oriented Control) control integrated into the rear wheel. The name of each model suggests the details of the engines: maximum power of 4,750 W (5.1 HP) for MGB E4 4,750 W available only with a double battery; however, all models in the range can be upgraded to a dual battery set up. MGB E4 range use Greenway lithium-ion battery packs with LG cells, weighing 12 kg, with a capacity of 2,100 Wh (60V combined with 35Ah), which ensure autonomy, thanks to Easy Swap technology up to 120 km if using double battery packs. The batteries can be easily removed from the compartment under the saddle to recharge them via a domestic socket or directly on the vehicle via the tunnel socket. The chassis is made of a steel frame and moulded plates, a swing-arm in aluminium alloy with a double gas shock absorber at the rear and a hydraulic telescopic fork with a diameter of 33 mm and travel of 80 mm at the front The dimensions of 1.815x732x1.185 mm and the wheelbase of 1.308 mm, the weight of 90 kg and the seat height of 780 mm make the new entries from MGB comfortable, easy to handle and light. They are fitted with 110 / 70-12 tires at the front and 130 / 70-12 at the rear and 2.15 × 12 and 3.5 × 12 rims, respectively; braking is entrusted to a single disc system with a diameter of ø 210 mm at the front and ø 170 mm at the rear, but it differs in the brake calipers according to the model: the 1,900 W versions have 2-piston calipers at the front and a piston at the rear, while the 4,750 W E4, using a CBS combined braking system, has 3-piston calipers at the front and one at the rear. The E4 range is enriched with exciting features such as the 29 litre top box, the bag hook and the USB socket integrated in the front shield. Renewed and improved in style and functionality are the instruments with two versions available based on the model chosen. MGB E4 4.750W Double battery uses a modern TFT display of the latest technology, equipped with speed indicator in mph, odometer, Bluetooth indicator, incoming call identification, Parking P mode indicator, Cruise control, indicator graphic residual battery life, battery overheating indicator and graphic indicator of inrush current delivered. For the E4 1,900W the instrument panel is monochrome LCD equipped with speed indicator in km / h, total odometer (ODO), Parking P mode indicator, graphic and percentage residual battery indicator. For all versions, there is a choice between three different driving modes: ECO, to travel by increasing the autonomy, DYNAMIC, the right middle ground for everyday use and SPORT, to move with that extra sprint. *For mopeds (MGB E4 1.900 W with single or double battery), additional cost. Personalized financing across the entire range. MGB reserves the right to make technical and aesthetic or other changes without prior notice

Electric MGB E4 Dual Battery 3000W 70kph

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