Aid reduce CO2 levels in your town or city supplying the latest innovation from world famous Lifan.


Our Eco bikes are designed for nipping in and out of traffic as well as enjoying fun country rides. Delivering style, sophistication and quality. Not to mention the low maintenance and zero fuel requirement, making these bikes the smart eco-friendly choice of the future.

With increase pressure on officials to lower admission and millennials looking for eco friendly products, Lifan’s Eco bikes are becoming a hot product for 2018. Offering city style in a cost effective package.

Lifan Eco bike Specifications


City Sophistication for Stylish Eco Conscious Commuters
With stability, comfort and safety, this eco bike has a streamlined base body, powerful front and rear disc brakes, with a light-net weight of just 81kg making it easy to maneuver and park. Awesome fresh modern looks, angular lines and ultra-modern matt and gloss paintwork available in six fabulous colour options to suit any personality.

Some Eco bike Features


This superb eco bike is powered by the latest Lithium-ion Battery. Capable of achieving in excess of 45 miles per standard charge, producing no carbon emissions, this bike is extremely efficient to run. The battery can be charged at any standard UK power point, (with a regular plug socket)

Other features include: EBS braking system with kinetic energy recovery, BOSCH high efficiency motor, lockable under seat storage, box for helmet, shopping or waterproofs, USB port and side stands.

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