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** A new pan-European platform designed to cultivate community interaction and shared brand experiences **

We are announcing the launch of our brand new Riders Club of Europe, a community-focused, one-stop-shop for all current and future Royal Enfield riders, embodying all aspects of Royal Enfield’s “Pure Motorcycling” ethos. 

At the heart of the Club will be a packed programme of dedicated rides, brand experiences and event activations that will seek to build strong communities right across Europe that are both inclusive and approachable for all Royal Enfield riders.  

Arun Gopal, Head of Business Markets EMEA, said “At Royal Enfield we’re all about our riders - they are the real custodians of the brand. For everything that we do as a company; from the motorcycles that we develop to the entire brand ecosystem we carefully curate, we put the end rider at the core of our thinking. 

We appreciate that riders come in many forms and different guises; the purists, the adventure tourers, the retro bike enthusiasts or the everyday commuters that seek self-reliance and convenience.  However, what unites them all is a yearning to get out and ride. We love motorcycling in its purest for;, it binds us and it grounds us, and we welcome anyone into our world.  We’re excited to write the next chapter of Royal Enfield’s enduring story, and  we envision the Riders Club of Europe to be an integral part of this for many years to come.”

Features and benefits of the Riders Club will include the following:

●  A dedicated calendar of local rides, community meet ups and exclusive members events organised by each individual official branch of the Riders Club. True to Royal Enfield’s brand ethos, a strong focus will be placed on developing memorable experiences that go beyond time spent simply on the motorcycle - carefully curating the journey, the destination and the memory will be the three central pillars to such rides and activities.

●  A focus on ‘Riding with a Cause’ - a strong emphasis will be placed on grass-roots community engagement to raise awareness and support for core charity partnerships across Europe. Royal Enfield’s annual ‘One Ride’ will be central to such activity, bringing brand enthusiasts together from all corners of the world for day of local charity ride outs, traditionally on the first Sunday of April.

●  Exclusive event hospitality to all Riders Club Members at select trade events and brand activations across Europe, as well as showroom previews for new model releases.

●  Direct access to all activities organised by Royal Enfield’s carefully curated collection of third party experiential partners - including national and international tours and rentals, single or multi-day training days and unique rides and events.

●  Membership to the Riders Club will be completely free of charge for the first year for all existing and new Royal Enfield. A welcome gift will also be presented to all new riders to celebrate Riders’ Club  membership.

From the 1st April, the Riders Club of Europe will be fully operational and a schedule of Covid-19 compliant activities will be browsable via the rider’s calendar.  From this date, all Royal Enfield owners will be able to activate their official membership of the Riders Club, selecting which particular Riders Club branch they want to be affiliated with and completing their own personal rider profile. The selected branch will act as each rider's local hub for Riders Club activity, added to which every member will be able to take advantage of a full calendar of rides and events across the entire European region.

Prior to the official launch of the Riders Club, as from the 1st February, all existing owners will be able to reserve their free membership via the new ‘Riders Club of Europe Portal’ on Royal Enfield’s European websites Concurrently, all new owners will automatically have the option to be registered at the time of purchase by their dealer.

After a year in which a sense of dislocation has been so profoundly felt by so many, Royal Enfield is seeking to place community building at the forefront of its plans - remaining as committed as ever to delivering an engaging and full brand experience to all riders.

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